Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pretty on the Outside - Beauty for Sick Girls, Pt. 2

Yesterday, i talked about how to make oneself fit for human eyes when one is sick as a cat.  Today was a real challenge, too - like a sick cat, i wanted nothing more than to crawl under an El Camino and die.
BUT - i had Things to do!  Final perfume orders to pack before the Lab gets shipped down to North Caroline (eek!), errands to run, yet MORE bubblewrap to acquire, et al.

And a girl simply CANNOT greet a day like today with a green face, my dear.

And so, i drank coffee & showered myself into some semblance of sentience and pulled myself together - with a little (a lot, let's be honest) help from my friends - if one can count cosmetics as friends.  I know I do.  >_>
And also Husband - who went out and got the coffee AND drove me to the Post Office, which is only two blocks away. <3

Today, i tested out my Guerlain Parure de Lumiere  foundation - by which i mean i needed to see how matchy-matchy it is with my skin now that i've got a bit of colour underneath my sickly pallor - and i wasn't too sure if it would be too pale.
Alas, it was.
However, this foundation oxidizes ever-so-slightly and so blends in almost perfectly after about half an hour; so, while not ideal, it certainly looked good - even very good, which is what one would expect from this foundation, after all.

Now, after trawling my already-weary-at-10-in-the-bloody-morning carcass out of the shower, i realized i had to get it together fairly quickly (am i not always in some kind of terrible rush?).  And, also like yesterday, i have limited energy to devote to my beautification process; but deal with it i must, if i am to confront the world sans the green face.

Today, i wasn't in the mood for doing any dark eyeshadow at all and wanted to have a nice, clean, pastel sort of thing going on to balance out my black cat-eye liner.
You may be wondering why i bother with the cat-eye business, after all isn't it a bit labour-intensive?  But i've been drawing a cat-eye for so many years, i can practically do it in my sleep.
With one hand tied behind my back.
In the dark.
Plus i feel naked without eyeliner - and that simply won't do.
But as for the eyeshadows, well - it's a Hell of a lot easier (and pretty much mistake-proof) to work with pastel/light shadows when you're in a terrible rush and also feeling like Cat Sick.
There's nothing worse than a slovenly shading-job on the eyes because you're all light-headed from inhaling 50 different perfumes and wrapping them all up in 5,000 yards of seemingly endless bubblewrap for the last three hours.

I even got fancy and used three eyeshadows - because it was just that damn easy.

On the lid - Urban Decay SWFa light, shimmery pink - on the inner 1/3 lid and silvery-grey Inglot #501  blended from the centre to the outer-corner and up into the crease.
Under the brow - lightest shade from the Chanel Prelude quad - a pearlescent beigey-gold.
Eyeliner - Chanel Stylo Yeaux Waterproof in Ebene.
Mascara - MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash.
Brow - MAC brow pencil in Fling. Let's have a moment of silence for all my former insufferably-WAY-too-orange blonde brow pencils - because THIS is a true ash-taupe blonde. HUZZAH!

Super-easy and pretty - and i LOVE that silvery Inglot #501  !  It's so pretty - and the texture is so buttery and smooth.

I'm telling you, it's like BUTTAH.

With the eyes done, i now move on to my problematic Green Face.
The horror.

As i mentioned yesterday, these autoimmune flare-ups really do a number on my skin.  It's patchy and dry, but also clammy and oily within an hour of applying any foundation - which seems to just slide right off after the two hour mark, anyway (this ONLY happens when i'm sick. Go figure).  I look grey under most light, with the exception of the inexplicably red-bits around my nose and cheeks.  To add insult to injury, powder just seems to sit on top of it, exacerbating my deathly pallor like some poor cabaret-dancing trollop straight out of a Toulouse Lautrec lithograph.
And so, the challenge is to even out my skin tone and give it some life, and to keep the bloody foundation on my face.

Usually, my Guerlain Parure de Lumiere does a bang-up job of making me look flawless for many, many hours.
But we are not dealing with usually right now.  It's Twilight Zone time for my makeup, kiddies.
I'm still looking for a foundation that will step up and do the job on my Green Face days.  Currently in the line-up are two that i'll be repurchasing - Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact and Vincent Longo Water Canvas.   I've used them extensively before and, because they're both water-based, seem the most likely candidates to be able to deal with my ultra-weird, snobby skin.
I'll report back here with results once i've had a chance to pick them up.

Meanwhile, here we have my skin about two hours into the day - you can see the "clamminess" on my forehead and my nose, and under the eyes - which also now have these little fine lines that seem to show up when i'm sick.  Fabulous!   Also, i didn't have my YSL Touche Eclat on, and it really shows.  My dark circles are pretty brutal, even under concealer and foundation.  Do not ask me WHY i didn't put on my trusty Touche Eclat, - parce que je ne sais pas, mon cheres. 
Only that, due to all the packing, everything here is chaos.

This is why we can't have nice things.

On my cheeks, i'm wearing (like yesterday - only more heavily applied) Trish McEvoy Peony Pink blush - one of my favourites for counteracting the sickly sallow thing.
The lipstick is MAC Creamsheen Cream Cup - one of my all-time favourite pinky-nudes.
Because when you feel like Cat Sick, it's aaall about comfort and familiarity in the makeup department,  We don't need any unpleasant surprises right now, do we? Not when we're struggling with basic things like foundation.

Despite powdering liberally a couple hours ago and the unseasonably cool temperature today, i'm far shinier than i would like.
As i said - all the usual rules don't apply to my skin at the moment.

What you cannot see in this pic is my husband, who was mugging insanely at the camera like the weird little monkey he is - unfortunately in all those shots, my eyes were half shut or crossed or a bug flew across the lens or what-have-you.
Below, i re-powdered with a luminizing powder, with the idea that this would negate the whole Toulouse Lautrec Cabaret Trollop thing.  This is just to give you an idea of what my skin is supposed to look like, were it behaving like a rational entity.

And there we are!  Another quick-and-dirty FOTD for when we are ill and have the Green Face.
I hope this was useful to you!  Have a great weekend, and i'll talk to you all soon.


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