Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NARS Hula Hula Tuesday!

                                                             NARS Hula Hula eyeshadow duo

Yesterday's abysmal post may have been a bit lacking - but i promised i'd come back with some more detailed pics of my newly acquired NARS Hula Hula shadow duo.  Technically, it's really a re-purchase - but i haven't had it in my hot little hands (or on my hot little eyes) for a while.

Since i hit the snooze one too many times yet again, i wasn't able to get terribly creative and so this is still my basic go-to look which i wore yesterday, except i changed up the liner, lipstick and blush as well as the powder.
Also, it's like SAUNA hot outside, and too much makeup is just overkill.  It's definitely a litmus test for my products on a day like today.  I've been out and about for about 3 hours in the jungle-like humidity and so far, it's held up pretty well!

                                 Pardon the psychotic gleam in my eyes - i've just had 4 cups of coffee

This look, as i said, is really simple and can be achieved in about 5 minutes.   As you can see in the first pic, the NARS Hula Hula duo is a really gorgeous combination of a rose-gold pink and a true deep gold with a touch of bronzey-brown undertones. Applied wet, the colours are fairly true to pan - but  i was in a hurry & couldn't be bothered so it's a bit more sheer.

This is one of those shadow duos that is a real treat for me to wear - and one of the reasons i love NARS' products so much.  As you can see from the photo, Hula Hula is pretty heavy on the glitter and can look scary to someone with aging lids.  As i've mentioned, i'm in my 40s and this kind of shadow, done by a lesser company, could look decidedly Aging Harlot Nightmare, a la Toulouse Lautrec.  However, as usual, NARS knows how to do their glitter up proper - it's diffuse enough to look glowy and classy-with-an-edge as opposed to aging-and-crepey-mess.
It does, however, have a lot of fallout when you dip your brush in.  I shake off the excess before applying and hold a tissue under my eyes, placed against my cheek to catch the glittery little bits.
Using a large laydown brush, i applied my go-to highlight colour, Inglot single shadow #393 under the brow.
Next, using a medium laydown brush, i applied Hula Hula duo's pink all over the lid, finally applying the gold along the outer V and up into the crease, carrying it all the way across to the bridge of the nose.

From different angles, you can see the light picks up more of the pink or the gold, depending on how the light hits it. You can also see the little bits of glitter which inevitably fall down over the course of the day. It's not terribly obvious, but if you are working in a conservative environment you may want to keep an eye on it. 
So to speak. 
I find that it is a pretty soft, unobtrusive duo for daytime, which could easily be used wet to intensify the colours, with perhaps a more dramatic liner for evening. 

This look is really nice for daytime IF you can get away with a bit of glitter-fallout.  Personally, i could wear Siouxsie Sioux makeup and nobody would bat an eye. But you may not be so lucky :)

Ostentatious posing-with-exotic-flower shot

A word here about pinks and glitters.
I think that, often, older women tend to be afraid of wearing these things - we get sucked into what i like to call the Bobbi Brown Syndrome; we think that since we're of a certain age, we are doomed to a life of boring mattes and neutrals.  
You just have to know what kinds of pinks and glitters and work for you.  Makeup is about COLOUR!  Butterflies! Unicorns and rainbows!  Just...grown up ones.  Think sheer colours and soft glitters.  What i refer to as "Grown-Up-Glitter".  Not densely packed but diffuse. Elegant.  Pretty. 

Youthful, goddamnit!

All in all, i think these shadows can be used to get a very soft, pretty summer look.  If you use a primer on your lids - which i always, always recommend - the shadow will stay fresh-looking all day long, even in the height of summer.  Today it's 97 degrees out with like 1,000,000% humidity and it's still on. 
Pair this with some soft rose-gold blush  - NARS Orgasm would be a no-brainer.  But i picked up a new GORGEOUS Inglot blush which i'm using here; add a peach or rose-gold lip and you're set.   
This is a very feminine, soft look that will make you look  (dare i say it) awesome and youthful - even if the rest of you is melting into the pavement. 

Here, i used Inglot blush #37 and Maybelline's Born With It lipstick to really accentuate the pinky-gold  tones.  

All the products used for this look:

Face - 
Foundation: Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle in Coconut Milk
Blush: Inglot #36
Powder: Fresh powder foundation, applied with large powder brush in Fair Isle

Eyes - 
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Chanel brow pencil in Blond Clair
Inglot single shadow #393
NARS shadow duo in Hula Hula
Solone Smoody gel liner in Glitter Black
Victoria's Secret Voluptuous Volume Mascara in black

Lips -
Chanel lipliner in Praline D'or
Maybelline lipstick in Born With It

Thanks for reading!  If you like my tutorials and frivolous rambling about makeup, please follow my blog :). 
And please don't hesitate to comment - i promise not to bite.  Look at that face. Is that the face of a biter?

*Tomorrow, we'll do a smoky evening eye with Christian Dior and Urban Decay :)

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