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We all know the skinny about reviews on products "sent for consideration".
What it is, simply, is a freebie sent by a company for a blogger to review - in hopes, of course, that said blogger will give said product a positive review.
While swag is nice - great, even - it certainly does not make me feel obligated to give a glowing review to a shite product.   I have my own money to buy my own product, and at this early stage of this blog, the products I review and use are products bought with my own money or collected over time through working in the industry.

In point of fact, I am not currently working at any makeup counter, or freelancing for any cosmetic companies.  I took a hiatus from the industry to concentrate on my OWN business, which is making handmade perfume oils, aromatherapy and basic skincare (like, really basic.  Cream and lotion).   In light of that fact, I won't be reviewing perfumes here as it would obviously be a conflict of interest and is the main meat and potatoes of my business.
As for skincare items, like most women, I use a HUGE variety of products simply because I like trying new stuff. Do I use my own concoctions?  Sure.  I also use a TON of other products and really love them as well.
Will I go back to working professionally as a makeup artist?  You bet.  And when that happens you will be the first to know.  I will still give my honest opinions about Company X or whomever, but will let you know at the beginning of the review that I am working with them.   One of the things that made me a good artist was/is my ability to be honest regarding the products I sold.  I'd much rather have a customer buy something I know to be quality rather than sell them something they'll be disappointed in and lose them as a source of not only income but trust.

Who have I worked for?   Over the years I have been an artist for Elizabeth Arden, Borghese, Lancome, and NARS.  I've also recommended, used, and might as well have been working for (while an in-residence artist in a department store) Chanel, YSL, Chantecaille, MAC and Trish Mcevoy.  I was approached by all these companies at one point or another to jump ship at the company I was with at the time to work for them.  All these companies have brilliant products, as well as some not-so-brilliant products.  This is true, I've found, of all companies I've bought from and worked for.  I have no problem being honest in this regard.

Ultimately, I'm doing this blog because I love makeup.  LOVE makeup.  From the high-end to the mid-range to the cheap drug-store fodder to the Indie.
I have my own money and my own (embarrassingly extensive) stash of makeup to work with.  While I would love to buy EVERY new thing that comes out of the companies I love, I am not independently wealthy.  So sometimes you will get the latest and greatest that is out there, sometimes you'll get reviews and looks from products that have been staples for me or that have been around awhile because I can't be bothered to pick up every new collection that comes down the pike.  If I get sent something, I will try it, use it, and give my honest opinion about it. Because I can.

To find out more regarding how and why I became a makeup artist, read the About Me section...

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