Wednesday, August 7, 2013

La Fee Verte - Green Fairy Eyes

This morning i felt inspired to do something fun and whimsical with a good, old fashioned liquid liner cat-eye.  Probably because i'm cranky - and a good cat-eye with punk-rock BLACK liquid eyeliner always puts me in a better mood.

This crankiness is, of course, due to having unpleasant dental work done  last night - i'm still bleeding from my gums, PLUS (wouldn't you know it)  i'm hormonal, and have killer cramps.

There's just entirely just too much blood involved in my day today.

But, there is a silver lining (even if it is just an eyeliner) -  I have this gorgeous green eyeshadow i've been dying to play with, and it turns out that today is a green eyeshadow kind of day.  I imagine it's some sort of subconscious desire to cancel out all the red...


So i don't know about you, but when i'm having a cruddy day, i have certain clothes and makeup i like to  wear to make me feel better.  A particular dress, a certain lipstick - or something new and fun.
Today i was missing my old favourite green dress; a diaphanous, fay little thing that made me feel like a dryad, it eventually fell to pieces a while back because i wore it so often.
As it turns out, it was almost the exact colour of this eyeshadow.  So, in lieu of my makes-me-feel-good-no-matter-how-crappy-today-is green faerie dress, i used makeup!  A pretty green eyeshadow, my trusty liquid eyeliner and a favourite lipstick.

My gums may be aching and bleeding, my hormones may be raging - but at least my makeup looks pretty!


It's actually pretty astounding that i managed to wield a pointy object drenched in black pigment so close to my eyes without inking a retina or scratching a cornea, especially at such an Ungodly hour in the morning...
I'm sure you can appreciate the delicacy of the situation - there are just mornings when one shouldn't be waving a needle-pointed instrument near one's eyes.
However, not to be thwarted, i girded my loins (er...or brains, really) with multiple cups of strong coffee and soldiered on.
Because i needed a little extra hand-holding with the liquid liner, i used my trusty Chanel Stylo Yeaux pencil in Ebene to put down a base, first.
Now you don't ever again need to feel bad about "cheating" with a pencil, first - i've been doing this for 25 years and i still need to do this on my shakier mornings.
Then, i went over it carefully with my L'Oreal SuperSlim Liquid Eyeliner in Black.

A little close-up to show off my handiwork:

                Pardon the crappy, inconsistent lighting on these. It was just a bit after sunrise when i shot these and the light was rapidly changing...

Now, i'm not sure why - but while the green seems to be showing up just fine, the lid-colour i used is just not translating very well to the camera.  It is, granted, a very delicate colour - however the nuances just aren't really there...

You can see it fairly well in the above photo - but in this one my eyeliner-tail is wonky.  Oh well.  It's just one of those days, innit.

Wonky eyeliner wot needed several attempts before it was perfect aside, this look was easy to do.   I used three eyeshadows, liquid liner, mascara, and that's it.

On the entire lid, i laid down a base of Inglot #393 (after the requisite Urban Decay Primer Potion, of course).
From lash line blended up into the crease, i used this absolutely gorgeous, yet for some reason today, highly un-photogenic Fire Tailed Sunbird by Rouge Bunny Rouge.  It's an iridescent peachy-pink gold that is fantastically beautiful and delicate, but i think the crap lighting and general un-cooperative nature of the day simply didn't do it justice.

Below, another shoddy attempt to show it off a bit better:

Finally, for the green accent, i used Pistachio by Le Metier de Beaute from the Melange de Couleurs palette.

Because i'm a lazy, cranky sod, i was a bit blas√© with my foundation - i just buffed on the teesiest bit of my Chantecaille New Stick in Cream on the red bits and just let the summer freckles and whatnot show through.
I did, however, use powder so i wouldn't be cranky, hormonal, gum-bleedy and an oil-slick to boot.
My brows are Laura Mercier brow pencil in Fair Blonde.
On my lashes, we have Rimmel ScandalEyes in Extreme Black. 
On my cheeks, a touch of Trish McEvoy blush in Peony Pink (looks scary bright-arse pink in the pan, but is sheer and gorgeous on).
On my lips i'm wearing MAC lipliner in Hip n' Happy, and also MAC Cream Cup lipstick.

I hope you like today's look!  I'm really liking it - whenever i see my reflection, i turn into stone get a little kick looking at that pretty flash of green.

Some days, it's the little things.  And that's kinda what makeup is for anyway, amirite?

Cheers :)


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